Viser arkivet for november, 2013

Guest lecture on User Experience

Gemini Center User Experience invites to the guest lecture by Professor Virpi Roto from Aalto University on the topic User Experience.

PhD Virpi Roto is an Acting Professor and a research team leader in Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki. Her mission is to make user experience work more systematic by clarifying the concept of user experience and providing means for evaluating and designing it. More about Prof. Roto at

Abstract: User experience is a vague concept that has many interpretations, varying from usability and user interface to how valuable people find a product in their lives. In her lecture, Prof. Roto will introduce the different perspectives to user experience, and briefly the approaches to user experience design and evaluation.


UX Gemini at Ifi Days

Advancments in Interaction Design, INF5590, students have, as partial requirement for their course, to design en exhibit. This year, they have had as a task to represent research of the Design group. The students have conceptualized, developed, and presented three important areas that the group has an interest in: sustainable design, wearable technology for elderly or elicited interactions through visual cues, and anonimity and willingness to disclose some information.

The exhibition this year took place at Dagen at IFI, an event where both research groups and IT companies have their stands. Exhibiting in this public space serves two purposes: on the one hand the students’ have a chance to showcase their work and the study program they follow to a larger audience, and on the other hand the exhibition forms basis for the evaluation of their work.